This Guy said to sales lady ‘Too Expensive For me’, What Happened Next Will Surely Shock You!

A Facebook user named Siroje Chotipan posted a video showing a man being insulted by an Apple store staff without knowing that the man she insulted was really, really rich.

Siroje Chotipan said on this post, “Staff asked if he can afford it because It’s expensive. Hence, he did all of this!”

The video happened somewhere in Chiang Rai, Thailand where the unidentified man was about to purchase a phone but unfortunately, the staff told him that the item he wanted to buy was too expensive for him to buy. Insulted, the guy bought the whole store just to wreck all the gadgets inside, together with the store itself.

Here are some of the netizen’s reactions in this video:

Facebook user named Mac Mac said, “Hahaha rich kid talaga grabi sinira yung market ng iPhone Hahaha”

Sylvester Poh said, “Can’t believe someone so stupid can get so rich.”

Kamaruddin Abdullah said, “Manners is everything. Although u know that the cashier saying like that. The only things you need to take out is money. Simple and easy. Not comeback with revenge and video to show you got all the money and need to destroy everything. Looks here bro, i’ve been dreaming to get Iphone 7 but I can’t, the way you break it just totally disappointed.”

Source: Facebook, VK


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