This guy Touched The Chest Of Maine Mendoza While Walking In The Streets!

Ever since she became a household name because of her viral Dubsmash videos, Maine Mendoza has been capturing the hearts of Filipinos everywhere with just her mere presence. 

It’s not enough that she appears on billboards, commercials, and product endorsements—people want to experience her for real and this is exactly what one of her male fans did. 

A short clip was uploaded on YouTube by the account ‘AlDub Loveteam’ which showed Maine being allegedly being groped by one of her fans. He was a guy in a black shirt.

The video was uploaded just early of this year. It also showed several tweets from fans who saw the incident and here are some of their comments: 

@annlizz: “tsk BAD MANONG! wala c gov @aldenrichards02 knina, pro buti na lang at andyan c dean. tsk tsk #ALDUBSoars2017” 

@daoa_marissa: “bastos namn ng lalake nayan, wala galang sa babae sarap sapukin sa batok #ALDUBSoars2017” 

@jeensoo68: “pisti nmn na guy yan. wag nmn png ganun!”

Maine’s fame rose when she was taken by GMA Network to play the role of ‘Yaya Dub,’ who is the personal assistant of Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) in the ‘Juan For All, All For Juan’ segment of ‘Eat Bulaga.’ 

Her character was accidentally paired with Alden Richards, who was a co-host of the show. Ever since then, the two have never failed to make the public laugh and giddy with their antics and quirks not just on the segment, but also on the show. 

Despite all the fame, Maine has stated that she doesn’t let the fame affect her and remains the down-to-earth girl that her fans have always known her. 

What do you think? Was Maine really groped in the chest? 

Source: <Youtube, VK


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