This Guy Under Influence of Illegal Drugs Raped a 4-Year-Old Girl In Isabela

Iligan City, Isabela cops caught 21-year-old Herson Dalit for the rape and murder of a 4-year-old girl last Saturday.

Police Chief Superintendent of Ilagan City Segundo Lagundi said that Dalit was last seen with the Stella Albino, the 4-year-old girl at a corn field in the village. Though witnesses were aware that the two were not related, no one tried to rescue the little girl and bring her back to her parents.

It is also possible that no one knew that Dalit has bad intentions. This incident should be a reminder that we should not ignore these kinds of situations.


The following day, the body of Albino was found just near Rugao River.

According to Medical examinations, the cadaver shows that there were lacerations on her private parts, fractures on her pelvic bone, head injury and multiple cigarette burns.

Dalit did not say anything to the media except for admitting that he did the crime.


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