This is his first time in the airport and He entered on the XRAY Baggage Machine

A video of a unnamed man passing through the x-ray baggage scanner installed in an airport entrance has been spreading online.

Based on a CCTV footage posted by DJ SADIC, the Arab-looking man walk through the entrance intended for airport goers, but was suddenly blocked by the guards when they noticed that he did not put his luggage through the scanner. The guards asked him to go back and have his bag checked.

The man then entered through the x-ray scanner, seemed to have misunderstood the guards’ instruction. Of which incident fussed the airport authorities.

Some netizens found the video funny, but some expressed worry about the amount of radiation he must have gone through. One netizen noted that x-ray machines in airports do not release as much radiation as those found in hospitals.

Most airports have installed x-ray baggage scanners in their entrances which are big enough to accommodate bulky baggages. But humans are normally strictly prohibited to enter the machines.

Source: Kicker Daily, VK


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