This is what ‘Holding your pee’ does to your body. Relieve yourself now!

We often hold our pee as long as we can especially when we are doing something important—or something we can’t stop at the moment. But while it has no effects as of yet, you’ll learn that holding your pee for too long has its long-term effects and they are seriously dangerous.


Our urinary bladder is a small round organ whose walls are lined with receptors to gauge how far it has stretched to accommodate waste. The fluid that comes from the kidneys collects in the bladder and when it is about half full, the sensors send a signal to your brain telling it that you need to relieve yourself. But the brain, depending on the situation, will decide when you should actually pee—this might not be the best idea.


Apparently, holding your pee can cause infections that may later on damage your bladder or kidneys. UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is one of the most common infections brought about by holding your pee.

So how long is ‘too long’, anyway? This differs from person to person of course. Some people may have the ‘ability’ to hold their pee more than others—but in the end you will have to let go sometime.

The best thing to do is to relieve yourself every time your bladder tells you to!


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