This Man Sent to space but different man comes back instead! Why?

We have watched many films about the encounters between astronauts and aliens. We have read too many stories about encounters with spaceships, intergalactic wars, and abducted astronauts. Too much fantasy surrounds our relationship with galactic reality. Well, this time NASA reported a strange event and there’s nothing fantastic about the story.


A few weeks ago, NASA sent the astronaut Michael McCullough into space.


A few days later, the spaceship where Michael traveled came back to Earth and landed in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Florida coast. When the capsule was opened, a different man came out. Where was Michael? He didn’t come in the ship.


NASA performed a DNA test on the man who came, and the results showed in 99% that the man was not Michael. Despite the fact NASA assured they had kept the contact with McCullough during the whole mission, he was not the man who came back from space, but it was his spaceship the one that landed. They couldn’t contact the astronaut yet, and nobody knows where he is and what happened.


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