This model reveals how can you tell if a Boobs are a Fake or NOT

We all know that big chest is a big plus for women. Sadly not all women have a big breast. That’s why other girls choose to have breast implant. But this things are can lead to breast cancer but they still prefer to have it. Having a big breast will boost their self esteem despite of danger and threat to breast cancer. But do you know that you can spot fake boobs using a simple trick?

She demonstrated the trick on her own fake boobies by turning off her bedroom lights and turning on the flashlights of two mobile phones which she presses against the side of each breast. Suddenly her breasts slowly light up and started glowing in the dark.

Apparently, silicon implants glow in the dark.
fake boobs1


Her breast implants absorb the light produced by the phones making it glow in the dark. The model stated in the caption: “Sometimes I’m scared of my own boobs.”


Source : dailymail


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