This Motorcycle Driver Beat the Red Light and Hit this Innocent Girl caught on CCTV

A violent CCTV footage showing a reckless Pinoy rider slamming his motorcycle into a female student crossing the road and then fleeing the scene has angered netizens.


Hit-and-run incident involving motorcycle and Pinay caught on CCTV (Photo: Facebook) The video shows several cars and motorcycles making a full stop because of the red traffic light.

A young female pedestrian then decided to cross the street since all of the vehicles have made a full stop already. Unfortunately, a reckless rider decided to beat the red light which caused him to hit the innocent girl.

The girl flew into the air due to the impact before hitting the ground hard. Several bystanders decided to help the girl as the rider escaped the scene of his crime.

The online community members were angered by the hit-and-run incident.


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