This Poor Horse Passed Out in The Road Netizens Ask Everyone To Save Kalesa Horses

Kalesas have become a constant sight in the streets of Manila, as living footnotes to the city’s history. Despite the domination of motor vehicles, some still go for the occasional kalesa ride for a brief nostalgia trip.  

However, we cannot deny that horses used in kalesas are risking their life in the face of raging taxis and jeepneys eager to catch customers.

In a photo posted on Facebook, a horse can be seen slumped on the pavement after it was allegedly hit by a bus.

According to witnesses, the kalesa was waving through Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard when a Greenstar Bus hit the horse in front of Kapitan Kiko Motorshop. After he was hit, the poor horse bumped into a jeep.

Netizens Ask Everyone To Save Kalesa Horses After What Happened To This Poor Horse! Heartbreaking!

“Hindi inintindi. Kawawa naman yung kabayo at gamit sa paghahanapbuhay ni Tatang. Ngayong pilay na, kawawang kabayo,” the poster said.

The post sparked outrage to netizens, including CNN automative journalist James Deakin.

Deakin reposted the photo on his Facebook account, asking for the proper relegation of kalesas in tourists spots.

Source:Facebook, VK


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