This spring has a breathtaking views but what lies beyond its holes are terrifying!

This sprink in Wimberly, Texas is considered as the place with the most mesmerizing view, but also being tagged as the most dangerous place to dive in

The spring which is called The Jacob’s Well, have already claimed more than 8 lives of divers. This has already become a stunning natural swimming spot and has been attractive scuba divers and are making every tourist curious about the 4 deep holes underneath the crystal water.

The mouth of the spring is 4 meters wide, the depth of the water is ten meters, the first hole was about 25 feet, the second is 35 feet and the third is 75 feet. 

The spring angles down as one of the largest underwater caves in Texas as it reaches a depth of 40 meters! 

Scuba divers loved exploring the area despite the dangers. But then, not everyone who jumps in and dive were able to go back to the surface. Reports say that the well has already killed at about 9 individuals already. 

Source: SocialTrendsPH YouTube, VK


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