This Taiwanese Animators Make Fun of Duterte You Have To See This!

In the video, Duterte is illustrated as a child clad in small barong tagalog and jeans, acting like a baby who often throw tantrums except to the leader of China and Russia.

The video also showed Duterte performing oral s*x on a panda, which represented China, and being a dog-like pet of a bear wearing a black winter hat with a communism logo, representing Russia.

“He apparently wants to make the Philippines less dependent on the US by making them more dependent on China or even Russia – great plan,” the video sarcastically said.

“Duterte is planning an international buttkissing tour starting in China this week…This Dutertard really believes China will sell him advanced weaponry to use in the South China Sea.”

Despite all of this criticisms, they praised the President on his attempts of banning nationwide smoking but was mocked again when the video asked if he was also going to kill people who just smokes.

Source:  TomoNews,VK


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