This Taxi Driver Went Viral After Doing This Thing in the Middle of the Traffic! Unbelievable!

Recently, a taxi driver went extremely viral in the social media. But not because they he was cheating the meter or trying to sexually abuse the passenger.

It was his passenger, Celissa Joy Gammad, who posted his experience with the taxi driver. According to her, they were stuck in the traffic. She was getting grumpy and impatient. But to her shock, the driver was just pulling out a book every time they would have a full stop. Later she found out that it was a Bible.


The full post reads as below:

“One of the things that i hate doing is ‘waiting’. But this taxi driver just taught me an invaluable lesson. While stuck in the heavy traffic, I pulled out my phone and did some mindless scrolling on Facebook and LinkedIn then played candy crush and twenty. Occasionally, i would utter ‘tsk tsk’ and sigh in disgust as the traffic jam looked like it would go on forever. This went on for an hour. I noticed that the taxi driver would pull out a book to read on every red light or when the car couldn’t literally move because of the traffic. The book as it turned out, was the Bible. And there’s another copy sitting out-front. I thought, maybe, at times he would share the other one with his passenger.

With the feeling of shame and guilt pressing in, as I haven’t read my devotion for today, I murmured a prayer of apology and thanks to my God, who, at that moment, used a stranger to remind me on the value of idle time while ‘waiting’ and to worship Him while ‘waiting’ instead of complaining.

What do you do while waiting? From this day forward, I will worship while I’m waiting, like this taxi driver.”


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