This Tired Wife Carries by Her Husband On His Back Across The Busy Streets Of Beijing!

Many infidelity stories from China have gone viral; stories of men openly cheating. For whatever reason, many Chinese men flaunt mistresses like a status symbol.

But one man in China goes all out to prove that not all men are like that. If this doesn’t make you believe in a love that lasts, I don’t know what will.

At an intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District, an elderly couple can be seen crossing the street—with the man carrying the woman on his back! In the first pictures, it can be seen that the old woman was having a hard time and couldn’t walk any further. The old man then decides to give her a piggyback ride and carried her across the busy street.

Despite the burden, the old man gave her a piggyback ride after seeing how tired she was.


TRUE LOVE: Old Man Carries His Tired Wife On His Back Across The Busy Streets Of Beijing

Source:  Viral4Real, VK


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