This woman experienced the Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV

It is always unpleasant to have a wardrobe malfunction when you’re having the performance of your life in front of many people.

The video of a lady is currently a hit in Facebook as she inadvertently uncovered her private part when her underwear dropped off amidst of a performance.

This kind of unfortunate incident usually happens with celebrities and performers. However, videos from different gadgets are always ready to capture every moment of our unexpected moment.

The video was uploaded by Facebook user named Trevor Clarke. On the video, a woman is singing wearing a glittery dress. Then suddenly her panty fell off and she even tried to put it back in stage.

He just captioned it, “Wait for it, LOL.”

However, some comments said that the performance was planned, including the slipping of the underwear. A lot of comments said that they cannot contain their laughter after watching the video.


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