This Woman Slams by Netizend after Sharing Photo with Hairy Armpits

A Belgian philosophy student collaborated with photographer Florence Lecloux in a photoshoot aiming to help change society’s mindset about women and their bodies but instead of earning praise as she had expected, she gained a lot of bashers who slammed her for posting a ‘dirty’ photo of herself – because she had hairy armpits!


Laura De actually has a gorgeous face and a sexy body – her photoshoot would have gotten plenty of praise from netizens if she didn’t have hairy armpits but because she had a full bush of hair on her underarms, a lot of social media users felt they had the freedom to bash her for it.

What’s quite ironic is that Laura had posted the image because she believed that other people don’t have a say on what a person should or should not do with the hair in their body and their whole image. She feels that nobody has a say on such things except the person who owns the body – but the internet thinks otherwise.



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