Tiny Kitten Gets Run Over by a Cruel Driver, Limps Badly after the Accident

Life in the streets is not easy–you can encounter lots of things from rude, reckless drivers and stubborn pedestrians. But what will happen when you chance upon a poor, limping kitten in the middle of the so-called urban jungle? 

What do you do? Facebook user Maria Elena Bechayda Salva posted two videos of a kitten who was badly limping because it got run over by a cruel, reckless driver. According to the post, Maria saw the small kitten while she was walking on her way to work in Business Village

“I am seeking to your kind hearts to help me fund his medications and check-ups. Any sort of help will be appreciated. My line is open if you have questions. Please share,” she appealed. 

Source:Facebook, VK


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