Top ‘Kulitan’ Moments of Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico’s ! So Sweet

Every girl has their own ideal man. But aside from having the man of their dreams, what girls love the most is to have that one guy that will not just annoy them for the rest of their lives, but will also give them the kind of love and happiness that they dreamt of.

This kind of love can be seen in real life couple Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico. The two seem to be so in love with each other based on their ‘kulitan’ moments together! One look at them will surely reveal the reason why It Girl Solenn, fell in love with her husband. 

In these videos compiled by, we can really see how naughty and cute they are when they’re together. Solenn and Nico loves to make and post videos on their IG accounts, which let their followers and fans see that their relationship is smooth and sweet.

It can be seen how the two enjoy each other’s company even when they are at home, at the beach, or even when working out together.

The videos also reveal what kind of man and husband Nico is to Solenn. He has that sense of humor that made Solenn fell in love with him. #RelationshipGoals indeed!

The two got married in May 2016. Though Solenn and Nico are of foreign descent, Nico proposed to Solenn in a very Filipino way. Bolzico asked for Solenn’s hand in marriage from her parents in their house in Manila.

Source: Cosmopolitan, VK


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