Truck Driver Transforms Into Kung-Fu Master and Beats a Snatcher!

We all love kung-fu movies. We love how Jackie Chan would have menial jobs at the start of the movie or how Bruce Lee would try to conceal his superb skills. This Chinese man went viral for the very same thing as a CCTV footage captured how he knocked out a snatcher with a flying kick. It almost felt like a movie shoot!

The man is a truck driver. While he was on his duty one sunny day, a snatcher attacked him and snatched his cell phone forcefully while he was parked on the street. The snatcher then rode his motorcycle and flew away. However, he needed to make a U-turn to get to his destination. Little did he know that the truck driver has been waiting for him already. 

With a cigarette in his mouth, he waited for the motorcycle to get close before giving him a flying kick! The criminal fell on the ground. But the truck driver wasn’t finished yet! He gave the snatcher some kung-fu hard punches which were also caught in the footage.

Source: Kami, VK


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