Truth About Rapbeh s*x scandal’s Claire Marielle Miralo commits suicide after leaked video.

No matter how much we try to do things as planned, there can be instances which are just unpredictable.

There are also things which we cannot control.

When we’re confronted with these things, it is of great help to have someone to lean on.

It’s great to have someone who will be willing to listen to us and give us some useful tips on how to surpass whatever issue we’re facing.

But if your friends turn their backs on you, you’ll most likely feel alone in your battle, which is not healthy at all. You might even think of taking away your own life just to forget things.

A video about the truth on the rumored death of a young girl in a leaked video sex scandal has gone viral.

Truth on rumored suicide of Rapbeh sex scandal's Claire Marielle Miralo revealed

The video talks about the truth on the rumored suicide of RapBeh sex scandal’s Claire Marielle Miralo who supposedly used the issue to cover up for the trending video.



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