Truth Behind The Story About GMA Slowly Closing Down!

The tough competition between the two largest television networks. Both of them are continuously looking for ways on how to become successful at what they do.
But it seems like ABS-CBN is close to becoming the number one network after a bad news came out about GMA!
Photo Credit: Metro Cebu
A lot of employees of GMA claim that the network has not been providing them with the best treatment that they could get in a company. A former regional field reported said that last April 2015, the network told them that they will be letting them go and that they do not need to report for work.
These employees were handed out cheques that will be the separation pay. They were asked to sign the release papers, along with the presence of a lawyer.
Photo Credit: ExtremeReaders
There were rumors that some of the regional offices of GMA Network had to close down. It includes the ones in Naga City, Bacolod City, Ilocos and Cagayan De Oro.
Some people gave GMA an advice to look at the condition of their network before boaing about the success of AlDub.



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