Tulfo Slams Yellow Tard Media! “Mga Yellow Media Ay Gutom Na Gutom.”

Tulfo is known for his straightforward and sometimes blunt comments to issues that matters. And he is at it again! He is recently going viral with his comments about the feud between Obama and Duterte. It can be recalled that Duterte allegedly badmouthed the US President that led to the cancellation of their meeting. Something that Obama has denied saying that didn’t take the remark personally and is still willing to work with the Philippines.

Tulfo also said that we can’t really blame Duterte if he still acts like a Mayor. But he needs to wake up because 100 Million people is far from the number of people he was serving in Davao.

A leader needs a protocol adviser to uphold an image that he is a statesman. This is for the President to be able to screen what he syas and limit mistakes.

“Alam niyo naman ang yellow media gutom na gutom.”

He also added that what the President meant is that he doesn’t want to be lectured in front of the media by somebody who does not understand what is really happening in his country.

“Ang sinasabe ho kasi ni President Digong ‘Don’t make any mistake, KUNG SAKALING bibigyan ako ng impromptu lecture nitong si President Obama, kasi bago siya bubuka ng bibig, makinig ka muna dahil hindi mo kabisado ang nangyayare sa Pilipinas.”

Tulfo added that the statment of Duterte is in resoponse to the White House’s statment a few weeks back that Obama will not hold any punches.

He ended it by asking if we can really blame Duterte:

“Can you blame President Digong? No.”

He said that the message of the President is:

“Wala kaming pakelam sainyo kasi kabisado namin ang ginagawa namin sa bansa namin.”


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