Twin Brother Ask for Help To President Duterte After His Brother Brutally Killed by Truck Driver

A young guy named Jaym Matias ask the attention of our President using his  Facebook as he narrated how his twin brother was brutally murdered by a driver carrying an 18-wheeler truck.


Based on his story they were in Monumento. They were already in front of the police station in Potrero-Del Monte St. when a reckless driver turned to their location and hit his brother Jereimy Monroy Matias in the leg. The leg was stuck under the wheels of the truck causing damage to the young boy.

The young boy is still alive and asking for the help of the driver but instead helping him up, he still drove the truck forward.

This immediately caused the head of the Jeriemy to blow up. The brother said that the driver might have calculated the move that he will be making to make sure that his victim won’t survive.

Source: VK, Facebook



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