Ukraine’s Newest Real-Life Barbie Doll Alina Kovaleskaya

The majority of us presumably know some genuine barbies like the lovely Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina from Odessa, Ukraine. By one means or another the narrative of Barbie look-a-preferences doesn’t end on them. It seems that Ukraine is officially the land of real-life Barbie dolls for now.

Hot from the same city is Alina Kovaleskaya. The 20-year-old beauty who became widely talked about in her hometown after uploading photographs of her bizarre doll-like appearance across the web.

Alina resembles the popular doll naturally, with her big eyes, small nose and lips. Although she is accused of being another clone of the internationally-famous Valeria Lukyanova.

Source : wereblog


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