Undefined Shadow of Person Caught in The Video! Creepy!

Some people in the Philippines would still remember this shocking footage shown in Magandang Gabi Bayan(MGB) that was first aired on 2004. This is a footage of a dark and shadowless entity that was captured by a home video camera. The children in the video said that they haven’t seen anyone who passed in front of them when the film was shot. The shocking discovery of the footage and its subsequent airing in T.V gave creeps to millions of viewers in the Philippines.

It was speculated by some paranormal researchers that the dark girl captured in the video was a shadow person. A common report of shadow people mostly occurs at night, however the most famous case in the Philippines is strange, the footage was captured in the broad daylight. The strongest proof that the child is indeed a shadow person, is that no shadow from the girl was present on the ground. The entity is a shadow itself, that was manifested in a more concrete form in the footage. Photography experts have also concluded that the said footage was authentic and not edited.


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