Unidentified Large Flying Animal Caught in Camera Flying over the Mountains of Laos! Is it a Dragon?!


Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world’s mythological creatures. We see them in movies, in many games, and in books—but do they really exist?


Ancient humans found dragon bones, giant reptile skeletons, lying out in the open, but they were unlike the bones of any lizard or snake or amphibians that they knew. Their pelvic bones were very different; they closely resembled those of birds. But aren’t these bones just that of a pterodactyl or an ancient flying dinosaur?

Taken by a man on the border of Laos, the video showed a mysterious flying animal. The man first thought it was a large bird, but when he zoomed in—he realized it was something completely different. The animal resembled that of a pterodactyl or a dragon!


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