UPDATE: Brutal Killer of Adamson student caught!

The suspects on the killing of architecture student Nick Russel Oniot, who was robbed and stabbed 18 times in a street in Taguig City, have been caught.

On Facebook, Adamson
announced that the possible killers of Oniot, are now under police custody.

“UPDATE: Nahuli na din yung isang suspect na pumatay kay Nick Oniot [The other suspect on the killing of Nick Oniot was caught],” the page stated; hours after announcing that one of the two suspects was already caught.

The first suspect who was arrested was gay. It was claimed that he was even smiling while being asked about what he did to Oniot, and eventually led the authorities to the location of the other suspect.


Oniot’s death

Hours after he was murdered, what happened to Oniot went viral after a Facebook user posted a set of photos with a caption narrating that a student from the Adamson University was brutally killed in Taguig City.

Many social media users were saddened and angered by the news. Many of them have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to a black photo with text #JusticeForNick.

Source : Facebook, FBVK


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