UPLB Student disrespected Mayor Duterte [WATCH THIS]

UPLB student who disrespected Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte by asking him to give them a direct answer while he was speaking has become an instant star on social media.
The video of a student rudely asking Duterte to answer the students directly is now viral on Facebook groups and pages.
The name of the student was mentioned in the title of the video uploaded on Youtube by Viral Video channel.
In the video, he ask if how Duterte will mobilize expensive defense equipment without “compensating” the budget of education knowing that Duterte will allot the biggest budget in education if ever elected as president.
While Duterte is speaking, he interrupted him asking to answer the question directly.
One teacher describe this as a “stupid action. In his comment, he said “I am a teacher. As a teacher I can say that this student made a stupid action. This shame will be with you forever like a deep scar on your face. I pity you. Let us not forget the basic, “Do not interrupt when someone is speaking.”
As remembered, this is the same place where Vice President Jejomar Binay grilled by students during his forum.