UPLB Student Releases His Side On Disrespecting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

The netizens were enraged as the video from the transparency forum that was held at the University of the Philippines Los Baños had gone viral.
It was the video where one student named Stephen Villena arrogantly disrupted Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as he was trying to answer the question that he asked.
Now, an official statement was posted by the student saying his side of the story.
He claims that they were informed that the Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had to leave the venue already so they only have limited time to answer. He was just making things easier and was just asking for a direct question. He said that it was the Mayor who was in a hurry and not him.
His full statement can be seen here:http://www.socialtrendsph.com/2016/03/uplb-student-who-questions-duterte-on.html