Vice Ganda To Anne Curtis ‘Ang Kapal Ng Mukha Mo. Nakaka-offend ha’ . Watch This!

Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis have been good friends for so long. Ever since ‘It’s Showtime‘ aired in 2009 we have long witnessed their friendship get deeper as the days passed by.

However some jokes cannot avoid and alway become part of the show.

“Ang Kapal ng mukha mo. Nakaka offend.. Ikaw na magaling!” Vice told Anne Curtis on air last Monday, July 11. It was intended as a comeback for Anne Curtis’ joke regarding Vice Ganda’s time compared to hers. It was part of the normal and inevitable jokes that goes on Showtime almost everyday.
Vice and Anne’s friendship has continued to grow and strengthen as the years goes by, and hopefully nothing can ever tear them apart.

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