VIRAL: Motorist who parked on the wrong place got MAD to those who Parked Properly!

A video below had already gone viral. These involve two motorists women who are arguing over improper parking in Valley 1, San Antonio. The woman in the video owned a Honda City blue car with plate number XMT 103. She parked her car in the wrong place and it blocked the way.
Meanwhile, the owner of the Toyota Innova named Nellysom Ang is in the right place in parking her car. According to her, she was trapped for almost 30 minutes in her parking spot. As seen in the video, another woman parked behind her car.
At first, Nellysom asked the female driver of the Honda City blue car why she left her car in the wrong place and blocked the way, but the woman said she was in a hurry and blamed the stiffness of the parking. The woman added that the owner of Toyota Innova is just wasting her time. The two motorists had a confrontation and arguing over improper parking.

Watch the vide below :


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