Watch: Chinese Wife Throws the Naked Mistress Out of The House.

In this time, mistresses have gotten more common. Nothing beats caught-in-the-act moments, where wives literally caught these mistresses with their husbands.

For one, is this wife who came home early in their house in Bangkok. She was planning to surprise his husband but it was her who was surprised after catching his partner and his mistress naked.

Of course, as expected, the husband denied the mistress despite being caught in the act and kept saying “She’s not with me. It’s all a mistake,”

But then the wife immediately pushed the girl outside the hall, not even giving her a chance to dress up. The husband then realized that he had to team up with his wife and threw out the girl’s things including her shoes, bags and socks. But he also gave her a blanket to hide herself.

The wife, however, did not approve of this.


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