Ways to Tie A Tie That Will Turn Heads


Guys wearing ties are a dime-a-dozen. Go into any business district in any city and you’ll see guys with suits and ties everywhere, but let’s face it, you can only do so much with a tie to make it look unique. Then again, maybe not. Chances are good that you have never seen anyone tie some of the more exotic knots on this list. You’re guaranteed to get a few double-takes when you adorn yourself with one of these unique knots. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

1. Balthus Knot

We’ll start off rather simple look. Fat knot or skinny knot? These days it seems like you can go with either one, but if you want that super-chunky look, you might want to try this one on.


2. Four in a Hand Knot

The speed with which you can tie this one is probably going to wow more people than the way it looks when it is done.


3. Cross Knot

Here’s a knot that kind of stretches things out a bit. It probably looks best with shirts that have a narrow collar, but it’s pretty versatile.

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