Woman Caught On-Cam Seducing TV Repairman!

People should be thankful for whoever invented or developed the concept of hidden cameras. These instruments are more than helpful in catching mischievous people in the act. Such is the case of this naughty woman who tried to seduce a TV repairman.

This video which has been the subject of online discussions shocked the social media community as it features an unexpected encounter between a TV repairman and his client.

In the video, a fine woman wearing nothing but a black t-shirt and shorts negotiates with a man about repairing her TV. The awkwardness is already noticeable especially considering how the has dressed. 

The video which lasted for almost 4 minutes showed how the naughty lady tried to make seductive movements while the repairman is present in the room. Her actions can be claimed to be ‘wanting’ and ‘inviting’. However, the repairman fortunately just stayed on his job. After all, he was there to fix the television and nothing else.

During the duration of the video, the repairman’s focus was still on repairing the appliance. Although the woman may seem to be really seductive enough, the repairman did not falter in his duty.

Watch the video here:

As usual, netizens gave their comments on the viral video. They reminded the naughty woman to stop that kind of behavior because not all men could be as gentle as the repairman. She might never know that there are men who could take advantage of her especially that her actions are the weakness of most men, if not all.

If you were in the repairman’s situation, what would you do? What can you say about the woman on the video? Share us your answers in the comment section below.

Source: Elitereaders, VK


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