Woman Died After thig Guy Opens Car Door That Throws Her to Oncoming Bus

Another incident showed the world how carelessness on the road could be fatal after a Chinese cab driver haplessly opened his car door that cause the untimely death of a woman driving her scooter.

Warning: Viewers discretion is advice.

As a result of his neglectful action, a woman driving behind was thrown out of her scooter into an oncoming bus that instantly crushed her body.


Sadly, the 28-year-old victim suffered fatal injuries and died on the spot.

Photo by: Shanghaiist

A separate footage taken by a bystander using his mobile phone showed the aftermath of the accident. People can be heard screaming and crying in the background as responders indelicately remove the woman’s dead body from the scene.

It is not enough that one is careful, it must be all! I just hope all of us learned something valuable from this incident.

Sources: ShanghaiistElite ReadersVK


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