Woman Married Her Fiance Who Passed Away To Prove Her True Love For Him!

Love is eternal, love is true, and not even death can surpass the boundaries of everlasting love. And for Tel Madrona Talusan, she is a living testament that death cannot separate her feelings towards her fiance, Rumpel. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenarios she has ever faced in her young life, but she stood strong amidst the trials and challenges, and she is determined to prove her undying love to Rumpel, his friends, family and everyone else. They were having plans to get married later in life, but sadly, Rumpel passed away and their plans, ambitions and goals together in life were immediately blown away in the winds. Tel was stricken with grief when Rumpel passed away, and it compelled her to prove everyone else that her love will never wither away despite them no longer being together. She decided to marry Rumpel, while he ever-so-peacefully rests on his coffin, as she decided to finally bid farewell for one last time, bracing herself to face life without her other half. In a Facebook post on Tel’s account, she bid goodbye to her fiance in a heartfelt message. “Mahal ko, hindi man to tulad ng kasal sa loob ng simbahan, wala mang papel bilang patunay ng kasunduan, alam ko na sa mata ng diyos ako at ikaw ay iisa bilang mag-asawa.” Tel said in her post.

Image source: Tel Madrona Talusan’s facebook page

The heartbreaking post was filled with emotion and love. She lamented Rumpel’s passing, as she braces life without her fiance as she looks to be with him again in the next life. Also in her previous posts, Tel shared everyone her longing of Rumpel, as she said “Hindi mo naman kasi kami dapat iniwan, hindi naman yun yung solusyon eh kaya naman nating lumaban, hindi naman dapat aksidenteng hindi natin ginusto ang tatapos sa buhay mo, hindi yun ang makakapag pahiwalay saten ng tuluyan.” She expressed her grief that their plans and dreams were halted when the unexpected happened. In another post, Tel asked if anyone knew the password

of her fiance’s phone, seeking to reminisce the good old times they had together for one last time, as the photos of them together were the only pieces left that would remind her of the times they’ve spent with each other. In another separate post, Tel expressed her heartfelt love and emotion for Rumpel, which prompted everyone to extend their condolences. as family and friends extend their hands to comfort Tel in facing difficult times in her life. It’s amazing that even people not close to Tel and Rumpel felt their love for one another, as they extend their deepest condolences as well. Netizen Lovelyne Pahayag Flores commented “Condolence Tel! Di man tayo close, sa mutual friend lang kita nakilala. Pero sinubaybayan ko ang relasyon nyo, halos kayo na nga lang ang nagpapakilig sakin. Kada post mo halos madurog nadin ang puso ko. Sobra kong hanga sayo. Magpakatatag ka para sa sarili mo at kay Alas. Marami ang nagmamahal sayo.” As she stands strong in enduring the storms of life, many have given her support and inspiration as she faces the challenges of having to live without her fiance. We extend our deepest and sincere condolences for Tel and Rumpel, their friends and family as they go through this saddening phase of their life.

Image source: Tel Madrona Talusan’s facebook page
Screen cap from Tel Madrona Talusan's Facebook page.

May Rumpel rest in peace, and may Tel find courage and light in these dark times. We wish the best for both families, and may they have the strength to carry on. You can leave your wishes and condolences for Tel, Rumpel and their family and friends by leaving a comment down below. May God be with them, and may He bless them with His love.

Screen cap from Tel Madrona Talusan's Facebook page.

Screen cap from Tel Madrona Talusan’s Facebook page.



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