Woman Proposed to Him by Giving Him A Deed To Property and A Harley Davidson! So Lucky!

There was a tradition that a guy should propose to his girl but on this story they broke that tradition.

The woman gave her boyfriend a Harley Davidson motorbike and a deed to the joint ownership to their apartment.

In what seems like a scene taken straight out of a television drama, a woman, wearing a white wedding dress of sorts, rode up on a Harley Davidson motorbike to meet her boyfriend. If that wasn’t daring enough, she then held a property deed in her hand, got down on one knee and proposed to her man! We are seriously digging the openness of females in China this year.

The proposal of the woman was a mixture of pragmatism and love as she told his boyfriend: “I finally earned enough money for your beloved Harley! Marry me! I will put your name on the property deed!”

The brave woman recently arrived back in China after studying abroad and actually hasn’t been dating this guy for too long. However, she believes it’s true love and worked hard in order to buy the bike for her beloved. When questioned about the gender reversal of a proposal, she said, “Proposing isn’t the man’s job. Why should women wait around for the man to propose? I want to be more progressive. If you like someone, go for it. Time is not an issue; live life to the fullest.”

Source: VK, Shanghaiist


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