Woman Rejects This Guy Who Asks Her To Hang Out, But When She Sees His Car, This Is What She Did!

Let’s admit it: Having a man drive you in a nice and sleek car adds up so many points. 

HoomanTV tried out a prank called ‘Gold Digger‘ to catch women who only gets interested once they saw the guy’s  car. 

A man pulled off at a park with his Lamborghini. He targetted this woman in sports attire who is holding a puppy. 

He approached her and attempted to flirt with her but she said she’s married. Still, the man insisted that they should hang out and be friends since the husband was overseas.

The woman repeatedly refused — until the guy told her that he owns the Lamborghini that was parked just near. She was about to walk away but when she saw the car, she came back and continued on the conversation.

They planned to go to the beach house because the woman said she hasn’t been there before.

However, when the two were about to enter the car, the guy told her that he will give her something. He pulled out a golden shovel from his car and gave it to her.

The woman was puzzled as to why the guy gave her a shovel.

He said he gave it to her because she’s a gold digger, the slang term for someone who goes after men only for their money. He later went inside the car and drove away, leaving the woman pissed and dumbfounded.

Moments later, the woman called the cops and complained that the guy harrassed her. The police, after hearing her story, did not buy it. He uncuffed the guy and let him go.

Source: Facebook, VK


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