Must Watch: Woman stole the money from the ATM when someone forgot to take it.

In a Facebook post, netizen Jeralyn Estrera shared the CCTV footage wherein she was seen withdrawing money from an ATM somewhere in Cebu City but forgot to secure the money and walked away.

Ms. Estrera was alone when she arrived in the area and carrying her child while completing the ATM transaction.

When Ms. Estrera was done, she took her ATM card but forgot to retrieve the money amounting to 4,000 pesos before walking away.

Before the victim could walk beyond 5 feet from the ATM, the other woman at the scene decided to use the ATM where the Ms. Estrera just made a transaction.

The other woman quickly noticed the money idling by, took it while glancing towards the direction of the woman who just withdrawn.

Ms. Estrera admitted that she made a mistake for losing her focus while withdrawing the money.

She lamented that some people are quick in taking advantage of the mental lapses of others.

Source : facebook,vk


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