Woman Went Deep Into A Tunnel And These Are What She Got!

There are people who would go the extra mile and who would go to great measures just to show compassion to all living creatures. These people really show that humans are not the only ones who need love and care. Moreover, these are the people who are more than willing to sacrifice what they can to assure the safety of every animal.

Let’s take as an example this viral Facebook video which touched and amazed the social media community. The video is not just a simple footage of a rescuing stunt, but it is an actual manifestation of love and bravery caught on cam.

Dogs World shared with its followers a footage of three women giving some extra effort just to rescue whatever was inside a deep tunnel. The video is now viewed more than 54 million times and was also shared by more than 850,000 Facebook users

In the clip, two women can be seen pulling another woman out of a 10-15ft deep tunnel. When she got out, she was holding a bag full of mud. When they opened the bag, it turns out that there are two puppies inside of it.

The online community praised the rescuers especially the woman who went inside the tunnel.

Source: Facebook., VK


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