Young Boy Answered Host’s Question Made Everyone Laugh so Hard! Why? Check it here

As the old Filipino saying goes, “Hindi marunong magsinungaling ang bata.” (Children don’t know how to lie.)

These words probably rang around these judges’ minds after this little boy frankly answered a question asked of him by a pageant host.

A netizen named Leah Let Belen Dorepes posted a video on her Facebook account on January 25 that people have been going crazy over.

The setting for the video appeared to be a pageant for kids and one scene stood out from the rest. 

During the question and answer portion, this little boy was asked about his favorite food. At first he got confused and, instead of answering the question, he shared that he wanted to be an actor in the future.

The audience was entertained by the boy’s innocence. Afterwards, the host explained the question to him. When he finally understood, the boy said that his favorite food was vegetables. Everyone went ‘oooh‘ – surprised by the boy’s healthy answer.

But when the host asked why he liked vegetables the most, the audience was left in shock by the little boy’s reply.

His answer? He said that eating vegetables would enhance his manhood. Imagine this statement coming from a little kid! 

Source: Facebook, VK


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