Young Singer Wows Judges With His Performance of Josh Groban’s Broken Vow!

An 18-year-old singer went viral across social media after moving the audience and judges with his performance in “The Voice Australia” as he sang Josh Groban’s “Broken Vow”.  

Before his phenomenal performance, Harrison Craig had been struggling in his social life, experiencing bullying because of the way he speaks. He has a stutter and has been taking fire from his classmates all his life. He found a way to overcome this part of his life through music. He then developed a deep passion for it.  

So when he heard about the auditions in The Voice, he didn’t hesitate to give it a try and share his talent with the world. His family was very supportive and went with him to the auditions. His mom and his brother were rooting for him backstage.  

When Craig started singing, the judges immediately noticed his potential from the moment he sang the first line. All four of them turned for him and were amazed of Craig’s performance. They watched the whole of his performance standing with much delight and admiration for his voice. His little brother was overwhelmed and cried backstage. They were even more amazed when they learned he had a stutter. 

Source: Youtube


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